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Announcing New Banjo Player: 

Tommy Couch comes to us from Leslie County/Hyden area of southeast Kentucky and will be assuming the recently vacated position on Banjo. 
His dad started teaching him guitar when he was 6, and he stayed on that instrument until around age 25, when he decided to learn banjo. Once again, his Dad got him started in the right direction, and he hasn’t wanted to pick up another instrument since. Tommy graduated from the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music in 2011. To his credit, Tommy has played with Salt Creek, Johnny Browning and the Cornbread Express, formed Sons of the Father with his brother and a few other local/regional bands. 
When asked about his thoughts on joining Stevens Family Tradition, Tommy had these words to share: 
“This is a great group of men, but most of all their faith in God is evident. I'm honored for the opportunity to spread God’s word through music with them and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store.” 

Stevens Family Tradition had the following thoughts about Tommy: 

“When we learned that our friend and brother, Jimmy Smith, would be leaving the band, we knew it would take a special person to fill the void. Tommy was the first call, and his excitement and enthusiasm about joining the band was welcoming to the guys and we couldn’t wait to get together. Within a couple of days, we rehearsed as a band and Tommy fit like a glove. He brings humbleness and excitement as an individual and his banjo styling presents energy and drive to our music. As we move forward with Tommy, we are just elated with the possibilities and opportunity to share the gospel with our newest band brother and thank God for putting us together. Tommy will make his debut with the band on May 15th at the Church of God Worship Center in Manchester, Ky. 

We love Jimmy like a brother and will be praying for blessings in his future endeavors.”